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the fastest growing company in the laboratory instruments field in Israel.
sell & service over 30 of the leading brands in the Life Sciences & Analytical Chemistry fields

Ormir division

The Ormir division of scientific instruments in Elix technical supplies for laboratories Ltd. will build for you the laboratory of your dreams, with leading international brands for scientific instruments, and professional service.
The Ormir division supplies and provides service for over 500 products In the field of scientific instrumentation, in two major specializations:
Life sciences (biology), and chemistry.
Ormir exclusively represents over 30 international suppliers, each leading in their field, and provides the fastest service and response to your laboratory. Among the leading products, it is possible
Find centrifuges, autoclaves, growth chambers for plants and insects, laboratory refrigerators and freezers, shakers, laboratory ovens, biological and chemical hoods, pumps and dozens of different and varied solutions.
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