Laboratory Baths»Baths WHB Oil bath 6/11/22 Liter 250°C ±0,1°C

Baths WHB Oil bath 6/11/22 Liter 250°C ±0,1°C

Ideal for:

  • oil bath for general purpose with high temperature


  • user‘s self-compensation function to control difference between real temperature and indicated temperature
  • stainless steel bath & lid for superior durability & high thermal efficiency / consistency
  • digital timer function (99hr 59min): delay time and operation time can be controlled
  • storage function for the set values of temperature and timer
  • backlight LCD display
  • CE-certified and unique serial number for tracing

Brand Name: Witeg Germany


Baths WHB Oil bath 6/11/22 Liter 250°C ±0,1°C

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